Friday, July 23, 2010

dress shopping!

today is wedding dress shopping day! here's some of the dresses i've been thinking about lately. wish me luck!

i think this dress is simple and elegant while not being boring or traditional

this dress caught my eye, i love it, it might be my new favorite

and this dress is my original favorite. check out the back

ok...envision the sparkles of the top of the dress above as the top for the dress below

and lastly, a nod to my girl j.lo


Make, Do and Send said...

How did the dress shopping go?! The one at the top is my favorite, i love that its not traditional but its not crazy for a wedding gown either. The shape is lovely and it looks simple and classic :)

mariana said...

dress shopping was a blast, which i wasn't really expecting! the girls at kelly's closet were so helpful and really knew their stuff! jcrew was fun, but a different vibe, i still felt like i was in a mall. unfortunately, the top dress is being discontinued :( but the day was successful and one that i will remember forever!

Make, Do & Send said...

Aww that sounds great, some people get so stressed over wedding planning but it should be a fun experience so enjoy every minute! :)

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