Monday, July 26, 2010

the search is on

when my lovely friend Marisa said that she will attending a wedding in England (lucky!) and is interested in ordering a custom dress for the event, I jumped at the chance to suggest shops to help in her. Here are my favorites!

i've really wanted one of their jackets (and marisa i could totally see you sporting something like this one!) for awhile now, and now they have added dresses to the list of things i want!

the next few shoppes are new to me, but i really liked what they all had to offer!

i think that the flower pin and belt really round out this dress nicely! but...i am not sure that they are included in the dress, as they are not listed, something to inquire about! Also noticed that the description says it would work well for nursing mothers, eek! (not hating on all the momma's out there, it just isn't my time yet!)

this shop makes really fun dresses AND you can pick out your color combinations AND they are having a sale through the end of the month!

feminine and strong. best pictures, great sets. i loved so so so many of her creations! it was the hardest shop to choose just one picture from.

these dresses were simpler than some of the other dresses i've shown, but they are in no way boring. i love all the solid colors and the dresses have elements that make them interesting, like the cowls, wraps and ruffles.

speaking of ruffles this shop it all about them. seriously. in their shop announcement you will find statements like "get ruffled" and "petal and ruffles. that's what we're going for these days". i couldn't be happier about that!

i love this dress, i have loved it for a long time, true story. you know who else likes this dress? martha stewart! (fall wedding issue, pg 176). know what else is awesome? she donates 5% to charities. now, if only i had the money...


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