Wednesday, September 29, 2010

paint sample banner!

i stumbled upon this diy project from this awesome blog, julia's poppies design, which you should all check out...she seems like a cool lady with tons of great projects up her sleeves!

here's how i went about it...

exacto knife
paint sample cards
hot glue gun

 first i cut out all my pendants, all different shapes and sizes...different directions too! 

 once i cut out a million of them, i started hot gluing them

 glue them around 1/4 down so that the yarn doesn't show

oh, i should mention that you can cut your yarn to whatever length you desire, i also marked around a foot or so from each end so that i would have some room to let the yard dangle, but that is optional as well!

 i glue them an inch or so apart, as with all of the project, it's not an exact science (though feel free to make it so if you choose)

the glue dries quickly, which is nice and helps make this such an easy project! i had a lot of fun doing it!  who doesn't love an easy, relatively fast and definitely cheap project!?!

 p.s. has anyone else seen this boxed water? 


stefanie said...

i see many of these in our future!

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