Wednesday, June 30, 2010


i have finally started to plan my wedding! a few little bumps and breakdowns on figuring out what i wanted (buy a house or not, huge wedding or not, so on an so forth) but now i am ready to move things forward...full speed ahead! my sweet friends stef and jen threw bobby and i an engagement party (hopefully we'll have that post ready in the next few days) and it was the perfect start to everything. so, now i have been thinking about engagement/save-the date photos...non-stop! i have my photographer, the ever-so handy ben brian (husband of jen) so now i just need my theme. these are just a few of the pictures i've been drawn to for inspiration...

i'm thinking of us in the woods holding something like one of these frames, or having multiple frames, or having the frames hung on a tree...thoughts anyone???


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