Thursday, June 3, 2010

ceramic goodness via etsy!

my love for etsy continues! this week i venture into my favorites list for a roundup of ceramics, and i was really pleasantly surprised at how many favorites i had!

her work has been featured tons of places (see here, under press), which is awesome. what i like the most is that she stresses the fact that yes, she designs a line that is manufactured and sold nationwide (congrats!), but you can still buy handmade pieces made by her.

i love this little cupcake stand, as well as all her other cake stands and hanging baskets. i also love that she is an Atlanta based artisan AND that she is a member of the Cabbagetown Clay and Glassworks, which is literally up the street from my house!

Christine Tenenholtz aka Red Hot Pottery

christine has a variety of handcrafted goods; cups, dippers, bowls and these amazing vases! i just love all of her work with the birdies!

pretty random objects

cutest things ever! this was such a hard shop to only pick one favorite from! the shop is temporarily closed to work on other endeavors, but sign up for a notification when they will not be sorry (you'll be in love).

pigeon toe ceramics

Lisa makes clean, simple and beautiful pieces (some with a splash of color!). she also sells plants (succulents and airplants!) and provides care sheets too! also checkout her garden labels!

paige russel design

these are the 3 larger vessels in the sprout collective, check out the whole collection..tons of fun sizes.


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