Thursday, April 8, 2010


ugh originally uploaded by nardell

i think my favorite word these days has become "ugh". it seems to always sum up the way i feel, it's can go either way. "UGH" can be exasperated, or it could be a defeated "ugh", or "Ugh" could be an overwhelmed expression. oh, just thought of another use; "ugh?" can express confusion, or pondering. This form is similar to "um", but not quite the same ("um" is more of a stalling technique). "ugh" can be selfish, disgusted or apathetic. i hope to move past this "ugh" stage soon, i am ready for action. the reason for this recent bout of blah is, interestingly enough, my wedding. but that will have to be a different post for a different day...


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Love it!

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