Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Retrato de Sonia de Klamery

I had the opportunity to go to Madrid for 24hours a few years ago, such a beautiful city.  My sweet dad and brother let me drag them to The Prado Museum and The Reina Sofia Museum.  Getting to see Guernica was breathtaking (it is so massive), and there was even a small Dali exhibit, but what really made the biggest impression on me was this painting.

i found her so striking, the painting is so dark and yet so vivid.  

i spotted this painting on design for mankind a few months ago and i found the two works so similar.  there is something about both of them that makes me just stare at them.


Anonymous said...

I went to Reina Sofia yesterday, and after seeing this picture I could not see the others. It is the most beautiful painting I have ever seen. And it is nice to know that you had the same impression.


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