Wednesday, December 22, 2010

sorry for the late post.  it's also going to be a short one.  i have been super busy with work (re-opening the i manage) and with the holiday pretty much here, things are crazy!  here are a few poorly taken pictures of what i've been up to...

katie and i made these little stocking for everyone at the store...i love them all!

we also made this clever sign, haha

and this year i didn't even have to spend tons of money on wrapping paper (guilty pleasure), i used butcher block and twine i've had for awhile...and finally tried making a potato stamp!

and lastly, you might remember my post on which holiday drink to make?  i decided on the bourbon and blood orange, instead of using mint i went with rosemary and it was wonderful!

i hope everyone is enjoying the holidays and is able to spend time with the people you love!


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