Wednesday, October 20, 2010

circus, circus!

 i started reading "Water for Elephants" this week, it's an enjoyable and easy i love almost anything pertaining to the circus, and really, it's freaks.

  i even watched hbo's short-lived series, Carnivale, and still wish it hadn't been canceled.

but if you really want to see a great flick about circus freaks you have to check out Freaks

a truly interesting watch

so, to make a long post...longer...i thought it was a nice coincidence that etsy recently featured this seller



Marisa said...

Did you ever read what the creator of Carnivale had planned for the series if it hadn't been canceled? I consider myself a fairly smart cookie but looking over his detailed notes and self-constructed mythology, I was like, "Whoa. I get about half of what you're nattering on about."

And don't forget that fantabulous book Geek Love! That was always a favorite.

mariana said...

i had read about the plans...sounds like his ideas of grandeur might have been why it never made it to the 3rd season (and would have left even more unanswered questions, sigh). i think they offered for him to make a 4hour special to wrap things up, but he thought if he held out they wouldn't cancel the show, he was wrong.

And i haven't read Geek Love, but i looked it up and added it to my amazon wish list, thanks lady!

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