Friday, September 24, 2010


when mare and i are in the same town one of our favorite things to do is to treat ourselves to mani/pedis...picking the colors is our favorite part and takes us longer than most. the other day i tried out a dark teal on my toes and loved the result. so mare and i collected some things ranging from bright teal to deep almost black. we think it's a great "blue" for fall. 

on another note this weekend i'll be getting stuff ready for my sister's baby shower next week and i promised mare i'd check out the impossible project...and maybe try and make it to the beach.

mare will be busy celebrating her sister vanessa's wedding! congrats vanessa! 

hope your weekend is equally fun!

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mariana said...

i'm going to get my nails did today for my little sis's wedding...teal might be in my toes future too!

stefanie said...

do it! it's lovely!

Courtney Allison said...

Dark teal is one of my favorite colors - i ADORE that lamp.

Have you checked out "Peacock" from American Apparel's nailpolish line? GORGEOUS color - one of my favorites from this past summer.

stefanie said...

ooh i will check that out!

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