Wednesday, September 22, 2010

i like pretty things

here's some of the pretty things i been looking at 

check out the wax stamped boxes her goods come in, love! also, she was just a featured seller on etsy, check it out here

the only things better than air plants is getting a 3 month air plant subscription

these are made from pressure treated wood and jet ski rope, yep, jet ski rope!  takes me back to living lake norman, but i can't help but wonder how comfortable these benches are...if that's a concern for you too they are more than happy to use a different rope or wood or whatever!

i love that little guy!  seriously, how can you not smile???  she has other similar fellow's in her shop, they are all wonderful!

what brought me to her shop was these cake toppers, which she also has other unique combination's of, but i like the squirrel couple the best (at least for me and bobby)

check out more,


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