Monday, August 2, 2010

the search is on

this time the search is for a bag/purse/handbag. from etsy. under $50. here you go anna!

christy studio

the shop has other styles of bags, i just really like these :)


tons of cute clutches and such. tons of bright colors and fun patterns. clearly, i like beige.


ok, might have noticed the picture in the middle and thought "fanny pack, has she lost her mind?" but you are wrong! this is not a fanny pack, it is a waist purse, and i like it.

rib and hull

these bags are sleek, sharp and simple. these days are great for anything...purse, groceries, beach...

and if you are looking for a laptop case...


look! a print! this shop actually had the most printed designs that i liked, nothing too crazy but all prints that i thought would go well with everyday life.


love. love. love. want. want. want.


that striped bag is made out of denim, crazy huh? they actually had a lot of bags made out of denim, and you would have never know it...sneaky


ok, they actually carry lots of colors, but i am a creature of habit i suppose. i didn't realize i had only tagged grey bags until right now...


stripes, stripes and more stripes! they do have some bags without stripes and you can get any bag sans bow as well.

whew! before ending this long post i wanted to point out one little teeny tiny point to remember...i noticed that a lot of these vendors lie outside of the united states so bear in mind that most of these items are being handmade (for you) and then shipped a long ways, this takes time. please read the shops policies so that there isn't any confusion on the timeline. HAPPY SHOPPING!


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