Wednesday, August 4, 2010

paper birds



images above-anna-willi highland

i haven't felt great this yesterday i watch a marathon of man shops globe...and one of the feature artist in australia caught my eye and i haven't stopped picturing ways to use her incredible sculptures all over my house...anna-willi highfield creates amazing paper sculptures of owls, birds, horses and other creature from nature that she finds inspiring...she adorably explained her process on the episode as ink-washing the paper...ripping it up and begining to sew together these if it was that easy. i almost had myself thinking "i could do that" but no...i would rather have one of hers.

images above-thesocietyinc/sibella court
also check out the society inc. a store run by the amazing sibella court in sydney...she recreates the theme of the store four times a year including new paint colors she come up with for Murobond paints. the online store will open soon!


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