Monday, August 16, 2010

can't stop thinking about

photo by dana seith

thanks to jon and stacey for introducing us to this place. we have shared the love with many others, in fact, every time stef comes in town i try to take her there we just haven't made it yet. so, what makes this place so awesome? besides having the best hamburger EVER (seriously, it doesn't matter what you get on it, and they have tons of things to choose from, it really is just a prefect burger...every time) they strive to serve you the best in every thing local. to quote from their website their "goal is to connect soil, animal, plant, butcher, chef and you...all in a simple wire basket". LOVE! i am sad about one thing...i just missed out on their very first supper. five courses, $35, amazing food, yes please. better believe i'll be keeping an eye out for the next one! check out their website for tons more info about who they are and what they do, also "like" them on facebook to keep up with their daily specials. and seriously, go eat now!

all pictures taken from their website and/or blog, unless otherwise noted.


Matt Shepherd said...

I am so going to eat the hell out of Farm Burger in October.

mariana said...

i need to be a part of that. they have an amazing veggie burger made from quinoa that i imagine marisa would quite enjoy!

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