Wednesday, July 28, 2010

crumb {a bakery}

i've been seeing macarons popping up all over the internet but the other night katie mentioned that someone in atlanta had finally opened up a shop. we did a quick iphone internet search and didn't come up with anything. in fact, i thought she was talking about Crumbs Bake Shop. but today i sat down and searched again (what can i say, i was craving those perfect fluffy sweets) and i found crumb {a bakery}.

now that you are jonesing for one as well, i have some unfortunate news. they currently do not have a store front. BUT you can trek up to the Sandy Springs Farmers Market and get a treat. i looked through their blog, they keep you updated as the where they will be. i'm hoping they come down my way soon!

all photos via their website


Katie said...

one day, oh one day. thanks for the link love.

Marisa said...

J'ai mange' deux macarons pour midi aujourd'hui. Ils ont ete les pistache et les praline noisette. Tres bon!

mariana said...

@marisa - showoff! look at me, i know french...j/k. but seriously, what did you say? my 4 years of high school french are long gone!

Marisa said...

I said, "I ate two macarons for lunch today. They were pistachio and praline hazelnut. Very good!"

I should've corrected myself and said that I had eaten them with my lunch as I did not solely just eat sugar for a meal. I am not Clarissa.

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