Tuesday, June 22, 2010

trouble coffee

big thanks to jon for the tip on trouble coffee, would have never found it otherwise. and i am glad i did! best.latte.ever! it was small, cute and simple...man would i love to have a shop like that. well, perhaps a little different. A lot of the yelp reviews focused on the staff, and the "hipster" clientele; my opinion...the guys behind the counter were in no way rude, but largely indifferent and the clientele varied..i suppose it takes all types. Overall, i strongly dislike yelp, and take everything posted on there with a grain of salt. i think everyone should do the same, and if you are in san fran you should definitely stop by! oh, and if you do make it out that way check out general store for me, its next door (but unfortunately for me, closed on mondays.

for more pics, check out assembledm


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