Friday, June 11, 2010

One Picnic Two Ways

We have tons in common...similar tastes and the like. When it comes to a picnic though Mare would prefer to be by a mountain lake and I would pick by the sea, although we'd join each other by either any day!

Mariana's picks include pretty illustrations and a pretty bottle for homemade lady drink!

blanket-brahms mount, basket-target, glassses-fisheseddy, napkins-azlynmarie
bamboo dinnerware-crateandbarrel, croquet set-target,  giara bottle-fisheseddy

My day by the see includes pastel colors, pops of red, and a parasol to nap under.

blanket-brahms mount, radio-anthropologie, parasol-pearl river, bag-slofabulous, thermos-workinggirlvintage, bicycle-electra, melamine plates-target, tiffin lunch box-dwr


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