Thursday, May 27, 2010

solid gold recap!

What a fun night! Art, balloons, wine, friends, who could ask for more! This show was unlike any other, and the group made sure to make good on the name, Cheap Paper. Each artist had produced tons of pieces that were all mixed together of the walls. If you saw something you liked you simply found someone wearing a "make me an offer" tag and started bargaining. To my knowledge the show was wildly successful for a lot of the members of the collective. I helped...haha..i purchased a small piece by Jane Garver and my fiance, Bobby, surprised me with a piece by Katie Coleman! Here are some of my favorite works, in no particular order, and please check out my flickr for even more pics!


Jenny said...

Aw, I like it! The "yes, love" and the "I'm fixin' to eat you" (I think that's what it said)!

mariana said...

aahhh, i tried to buy the "i'm fixin to eat you" but it had already sold! All of Katie's work is so funny and clever! She had one i wanted to buy for clarissa, it was something about eyebrows. i know there's a picture of it on the flickr...but it too had sold.

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