Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dead or Alive

I recently visited the Dead or Alive exhibit at the Museum of Design in NYC. the exhibit included tons of beautiful work, all work was based around using and repurposing things found in the natural world or the reused of often discarded items. I loved the use of things often considered to be dirty to make beautiful works. These were a few of my favorites.

Kate Mcguire- While this is not the original piece at the exhibit her sculptures using feathers are breathtaking.

Fabian Pena- He uses insects and insect parts to create these illustrations, this one used roach wings.

Damien Hirst- This one made me think of you mare! He uses butterfly wings to make stain glass-esque collages. they are incredibly impressive in person.

Levi van Veluw- levi creates natural and manmade world's using the human body as a canvas. 

all images via original artists


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