Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I am in the middle of moving from chicago to brooklyn via atlanta (don't ask) so I thought I would
1. apologize for the very light postings
2. Post about some things I'll really miss about chicago

First installment here. In no particular order.
1. Penelope's-Right around the corner from my house this shop carries young and independent designers. As well as my favorite brand of planner/sketchbooks. I could literally only shop here and be very satisfied. They recently added an online shoppe so I feel like I can carry on.
2. Milk and Honey-Across the street from Penelope's is the most adorable cafe. The logo is also adorable. As is their outdoor seating with mismatched table cloths. I love this place and so do alot of other people. The food is awesome. My favorite is the huevos rancheros. It is served in a crockpot and I can't stress enough how good it is.

I have a long list so I'll spread it out over a few post. Wish me luck packing...


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