Monday, January 4, 2010

A new year a new list.

Everyone this time of year is making all kinds of lists. Resolutions and goals. I make lists all year round. I love them. I even make lists of lists. So I was super excited to try out swissmiss and fictivekin's new online list maker It is clean and simple and carries over task to the next day. I has a nifty someday list that I keep pretty full. I am hoping that this will help me stay focused and accomplish a lot this year. Read more and download here...they are promising an iphone app too!


SweetBeaker said...

oh wow! haven't seen this yet! definitely going to try it out - a little ocd with list making over here!

stefanie said...

Me too!! I can't wait for the iphone app...AND it makes your list over and over again for you!

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